Help the needy, but most importantly help yourself during this holy month of Ramadan.

In this time and day, many of us, lets admit, have not done our part in helping those less fortunate than us. Ramadan is the perfect month to take up your community service one notch up, and give back to society.

Poverty has increased drastically, the phrase help thy neighbor has sadly declined, and most importantly our values are perishing right before our eyes. Since our values are coming up short; we have seen starving Muslims in need, people wasting their money on frivolous things, and most importantly the increase in forbidden spending.

As we all know, Ramadan encompasses two of the five fundamental pillars of Islam, which are fasting, and Zakat; those two pillars are essentially the foundations of our religion’s humane nature, in which we get a feeling of how the poor live sans much of what we take for granted, food and money. It is the month of giving mercy, and helping the needy in their strife.

Many organizations across the Gulf strive to give back to society, help the less fortunate and create a lasting beneficial change. Why not aid them in their mission and increase your volunteer work, donations, and community service this month?

Khaleejesque has surveyed the many good-will organizations present in the Gulf and brings you information on how you can help out; why not let us inspire you to give back in this holy month?


Reach Out to Asia (ROTA)
A charity founded in Qatar in 2005, whose goal is to provide Asia with quality educational opportunities. They promote global responsibility for basic primary education by expanding early childhood care and education. The charity promotes the learning of life skills for both young children and adults. By 2015, ROTA wishes to ensure free primary education, improve adult literacy by 50 percent, and eliminate gender disparities.

ROTA offers different volunteer opportunities at different projects, and internship programs. You can either choose on all their programs or be more selective. You can volunteer on various levels, whether doing your own work, or with others, do hands-on work, or work on an administrative and support level.

Their programs and activities include:

* Ramadan Project

* ROTAQ (Reach Out to Asia – Qatar) Community Impact Days

* ROTA Work Experience Initiative

* Youth Training and Lecture Series

* Volunteer Field Trips

The highlight activity of this month is the Ramadan Project which involves the volunteers to reach out to the local communities and the needy in many ways such as; packing and delivering essential foods to families, packing and delivering Iftar meals, community visits to hospital, the elderly and the special needs children. In addition, volunteers along with ROTA, get to host an amazing Garangaou event; a very special occasion for the children of Qatar to celebrate this important cultural festival.

Give a helping hand by donating online or by volunteering and making a difference in someone’s life!

To become a volunteer, an online application form must be filled out here.

ROTA is now working on their Ramadan project. So hurry up!

Qatar Charity (QC)
QC one of the largest charities in the Gulf, it’s activities have covered over 40 countries worldwide. Its mission is to support the needy, promote and provide education to children and offer Waqf. Its activities and programs include; Seasonal Ramadan projects: Iftar banquets for the poor and needy families, Ramadan gifts for orphans, food supply coupons for the needy. Cash, furniture, and clothing donations are accepted year-round.

Qatar Red Crescent
One of the well-known charities in the world, The Red Crescent offers both local and international assistance. Both financially and supportively, made possible by donations and volunteers. The organization offers support towards cancer patients, helping out those in need during Ramadan and many more. Donations are most welcome.

Qatar Orphan Foundation (Dhreima)
Also known as Dhreima, it is one of the best organizations in the Arab world providing care and accommodation for orphans and the like children. Its main goals is to care for the orphans in their State of Qatar, through providing sufficient service to ensure a decent life. In addition, they emphasize on creating awareness among the Qatari society on issues of orphans and correct misconception regarding them.

Dhreima offers volunteer opportunities and orphan sponsorship programs. Brighten a child’s life by being apart of their life, whether it's for a mere few hours or a life tie.

Qatar National Cancer Society
The QNCS’s main objective is to control the drastically increasing cancer disease through services and rehabilitation programs in Qatar in order to create public awareness about the disease. With the contribution in cleaning the environment, cooperation with the health authorities, and the support of the organization through voluntary work, providing time for cancer patients, donations, or any form of support will help others are in desperate need of financial and emotional aid.

Qatar Center for Voluntary Activities

Eid Charity
Eid Charity offers seasonal Ramadan projects: Iftar banquets for the poor and needy families, Ramadan gifts for orphans, food supply coupons for the needy. Cash, furniture, and clothing donations are accepted year-round.


Beit Al Khair
A Charity that is very active in the UAE, and which is currently working on a Zakat project, a Eid Parcel donation for the needy, as well as providing food staples, and monthly donations to orphans and those less fortunate.

UAE Red Crescent

Saudi Arabia

World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY)
Mosque Building Projects

AlBerr Organization – Riyadh
Iftar Sa’em Project

International Islamic Relief Organization
Relief organization with centers in Riyadh, Jeddah, Madinah and Makkah.

Volunteering Opportunities:

Wajbati (My Meal) – Jeddah
Preparing and delivering iftar meals during Ramadan. Prices range from 5 – 20 SR for each meal. Girls and boys (for delivery) needed. For more information email
Distributing food baskets to poor families – Jeddah

Ramadan AlManarat – Khobar, Dammam

Volunteer Clubs

Khobar Club

Jeddah Club

Riyadh Club

Shargiya Club

Yalla Jeddah

WAMY – Youth Teams – Jeddah


Bahrain Red Crescent Society
Bahrain Red Crescent Society (BRCS) is a humanitarian non-profit organization whose aim is to help the suffering without discrimination, and promote peace. Its range of community services cover social causes – from providing food and clothing to the needy to promoting education and health awareness to the underprivileged. Your Membership Rewards points donation can help purchase groceries, enhance health and increase education to needy families in Bahrain.

Migrant Worker Protection Society
Help and protect the rights of foreign workers in Bahrain.

Bahrain Society for Children with Behavioral and Communication Difficulties
The mission of the Bahrain Society for Children with Behavioral and Communication Difficulties is to promote lifelong access and opportunity for all individuals with the behavioral and communication difficulties, and their families, to be fully participating, included members of their community. Education, active public awareness and the promotion of research form the cornerstones of the society’s efforts to carry forth its mission.


Zakat House
Founded in 1982, the Zakat House continues to be Kuwait’s prominent charitable foundation.

Sweet Hearts
This organization seeks to emphasize and positively promote the blood donation attitude between people in Kuwait.

Kuwait Red Crescent Society
The Kuwait Red Crescent Society is a voluntary humanitarian society providing help and assistance to the most vulnerable people without any discrimination as to nationality, gender, color, race or religious and political beliefs.

International Islamic Charitable Organization (IICO)
A non-political, worldwide organization, with activities in social, health, economical, educational and cultural fields without any racial or ethnic distinction.


Animal Rescue Centre
A newly formed group of volunteers who aim to improve animal welfare in Oman. They offer a feral cat neutering program to help control the population and try to re-home unwanted cats and dogs. There are plans to open kennels in the near future to house the animals waiting for homes. Donations are always gratefully received, as is assistance with fostering and fundraising. Contact 92 501 366 for information on how you can help.

Down Syndrome Support Group
A support group (affiliated to the Association of Early Intervention for Children with Special Needs) for parents of children with Down Syndrome. Meetings are held weekly at the Early Intervention Centre in Al Athaiba, with the aim of providing practical and emotional support for the children and their parents. The group is always on the lookout for volunteers to help them keep the children busy and stimulated. If you have some extra time on your hands, you can pick up a volunteer application form from the Early Intervention Centre. For more information, call 24 496 960 or email

– Khaleejesque

Previously Published in August 2009.

  1. Assalamualaikum! Alhamdulillah ! Immense pleasure dat thr r mny foundations who hav cme fwd to help d needy..wch Allah (swt) loves d most… May Allah( swt) showers His Blessings in abundance on evry1 who s a part of these foundations.. Aameen!

  2. Assalamualaikum! Alhamdulillah ! Immense pleasure dat thr r mny foundations who hav cme fwd to help d needy..wch Allah (swt) loves d most… May Allah( swt) showers His Blessings in abundance on evry1 who s a part of these foundations.. Aameen!

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