Budreya Faisal is the driving force behind Emirati brand Bleach, having founded the label in 2012, she got her first taste in fashion long before then and was recognised in the book "Emirati Women Achievers.” With the knowledge that just a single fabric was used for the entire season, I am truly impressed by the fluidity of Bleach’s latest collection. The consistent texture is offset by the carefully selected color palette and mix of modest abayas and tailored under layers flow together to create whole ensembles. These skeletal constructs are then embellished with eye-catching floral gemstone flowers to balance the hard cuts with a soft finish.

This is an outfit I know I’d enjoy wearing, the dark peach hue and woven texture that flows into the black block panels create a strong piece.


A classic color palette with a splash of detail and beautifully finished with matching choker necklace for this completed look.


I really enjoy how Bleach has ensured a seamless finished look that can ease the wearer from an event to private occasion.


We spoke with Budreya to find out more about her latest collection:

What is the latest collection called?

How would you describe the collection?
Structured, strong, feminine, and true to the original Bleach identity and design offerings.

What was the inspiration behind this collection? 
As is the case with most bleach collections, the main inspiration is Japanese art and design. Other inspirations this season are architecture, solid structure, and feminine strength.

Which key materials are used in your AW collection? 
This collection is entirely made-up of one fabric with a slightly rigid draping and a protruding geometric texture.

How have you used embellishments in this collection? 
Absolutely. All the abayas in this collection have uniquely designed floral crystal embellishments outlined with stone-like beads.

For more, visit www.bleach.ae 

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