Water is a very underestimated item in our fridge. It's in a blue plastic bottle, some taste very funny, and others aren't even worth buying. Acqua Eva however is not only packaged in an eye-catching way but also delivers taste that is low in sodium, and is the perfect liquid to clean your insides. The fact it is low in sodium and 'microbiologically pure with total dissolved solids of 49.0 mg/ltr make Acqua Eva one of the healthiest waters on the market.

Straight from the Monviso peaks which is the highest natural spring in Europe, Acqua Eva's packaging follows the 'go green' effect reducing the amount of plastic in making the bottles, even the bottling plant is located near beautiful Paesana, Italy. Why wouldn't you want to try Acqua Eva? Different bottles to match everyone's taste all with the same easy and simple grip.

Acqua Eva is a water which is perfect for knowing your daily nutrition intake and at the end after all the boring facts about elements and chemicals, you will be enjoying a great drink of water.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

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