Whether you're on a diet or a child trying to eat your veggies, it's always challenging trying to food such as broccoli, tofu, and low-fat crackers. A small company in Germany created a solution that would make eating foods we all hate a truly enjoyable moment. I introduce to you, Esslack Food Finish by The Deli Garage.

You may have no idea what's coming up (neither did I when I first read about it) so here it is: Spray paint that not only makes your food look bright like a diamond but also makes eating the actual food a little more interesting. A golden apple? A shiny blue raspberry? It's 'certified edible and tasteless' so nothing to worry about there. All you have to do is add the perfect layer(s) to your food and voila!

The Esslack Food Finish comes in red, blue, silver, and gold and I must say, eating has never been this exciting

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Images: The Deli Garage

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