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Museast, the lifestyle and clothing brand launched by Bouchra Benhalima has set itself apart from any other by the story it tells. The brand is a creative succession of Bouchra’s own personal blog; Boubouteatime. The online art, lifestyle, fashion and music journal consists of Bouchra’s daily inspirations and as an explorer and traveler, Benhalima had much to share of her discoveries and visions.

She developed a visual gallery that consisted of collages and illustrations that brought these experiences to life. Boubouteatime’s motto ‘your daily worldwide cup of tea’ is a fit description, as it has become an international reference in the blogging sphere for dose of daily inspiration.

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Bouchra’s journey began in 2011 when she wished to serve the purpose of her designer formation from ESMOD Paris and London College of Fashion by creating her own clothing brand, Museast. Known for her creative abilities displayed by her blog, Bouchra translates this talent through her designs for Museast.  She describes the brand as ‘a concentrate of audacity, femininity, playfulness and comfort.’

The name itself is a breakdown of the brands creative structure, Muse-Seas-East. Bouchra through her travels has crossed many seas inspired by all sorts of thinkers and creatives that have become her muses. Thus, Museast’s designs aim to be timeless and universal, each piece creating an out of place, out of time experience.

To know more about the brand, visit Benhalima's blog and online store

– Nauf Al Saif

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