Adnan-1And that is why we don't have any excuses for not showing up, falling asleep, or scaring co-workers with your stomach growling. We can go back to coffee (hopefully not burned), ordering food which I really missed, and hopefully we can go back to interesting situations (people honking horns, yelling, fighting?) outside our window. Many people are out of Kuwait so that means no traffic but come September when schools and universities go back into session, we'll be leaving our houses earlier and may even come wearing our PJs. That's not a bad idea, is it?

Good afternoon my poppies. Hope you guys had a lovely Eid and if you were planning on losing weight during Ramadan, yeah right. I tried doing that and even though I only lost 1 kilo (It was 0.5 and I felt like rounding up), I was aiming for more. Maybe I need to go back to my nutritionist, the person who not only fooled me into going on a diet but someone who I recommend all of you contact if you're going through the same issue. Ladies and gents, my nutritionist, F2. *audience gasps*

So what's with all the sudden music bands and singers? Unless you're not planning on making it your daily job, then sure I'll watch your video on YouTube. But just to tell you, having a really good video editor making the video does not hide the fact that you sound like a dying seal. I really hope you weren't advised by your parents because sometimes parents and family can be the most dishonest people just because they wouldn't want to break your heart. Listen, if you're going to make music, please do it well and make sure you have a nice voice and if you're not sure, check your genes. There are so many other things you could do that you may actually be good at!

So the new issue kicked off which hopefully means more appearances by Um Sophie (Latte) and the interns. Maroon was present at the office and I'm pleased she's still wearing her 70s sunglasses, it's like having our very own Jane Fonda. Maroon is a very friendly, hardworking intern who has some really interesting stories to tell which is always a plus. One another interesting thing about Maroon is that she uses a mouse with her laptop and I find that so cool!

After Ramadan finished, you'd think we'd be done with all the traditional sweets, coffee etc. but we're not. It's like we're having a fiesta, bringing food, and gaining all the weight back that we could have lost. Food is without a doubt the most overwhelming and tremendous treasure that we all must cherish for the rest of our lives because not only does it taste good, but ends up being the best time of our lives which is probably 95% of ours.

So this is what happened through the week. Food, careers in need of change, the new issue, a hard-working Jane Fonda, and X-Grande Latte making 'special guest' appearances at the office. Hopefully next week, the calorie intake at the office will decrease and somebody will honk their horn at somebody else outside the window.

Take care poppies and don't forget to check out the Man Outnumbered video on our Instagram @Khaleejesque!

Adnan Al-Timimi is the only male editor in the female dominated Khaleejesque workspace. Follow Adnan’s column to know more about his unique experience in this unusual territory.

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