Adnan-1Not my age, not my waist line (unfortunately), but the 30th adventure of Man Outnumbered. Thirty weeks which means countless girly talk sessions, many Sophie the cat stories, and God knows how many staring-outside-the-window sessions. It's a time to remember not only for Man Outnumbered but for you, my truffles, because if hadn't been for you guys I wouldn't have a platform to share my sarcasm and fruitful stories. Man, this office smells good today!

Good afternoon my truffles and welcome to a special edition of Man Outnumbered because it's the 30th and no other reason. If the 25th anniversary is silver and the 50th is golden, I'd say 30 years is something like pearl. Let's start off with what happened. You guessed it, more food talk from F2. Too bad she has such a manipulating way of making it sound so good. The office is probably the only place where I wouldn't mind talking about food just because women have a really good way of make something as bad as a paper cut sound like the best thing that has ever happened to you.

What an ideal way to celebrate this joyous occasion than with the introduction of a new intern? Ladies and gents, please give a warm welcome to the newest addition to the Khaleejesque family, Moony. She's already loved by the office, and has quite the taste in sunglasses which we all found really good-looking, so great start.

Ramadan is almost over which means we can finally go back to coffee infused mornings, which also means I'll stop being half-asleep writing this every week. We can also go back to ordering in (F2 already has this all planned out so it's bound to be a feast) and hopefully all of this will add up to a wonderful next issue.

We started the week with absolutely no girly talk. It was as if the divas used all of their girly energy last week and did not have enough this week but all of a sudden, they were refueled. Even though it wasn’t as extreme as last week, they talked about dresses, and talking about dresses is really bad; really, really, really bad. They just couldn't keep the week with only talking about the upcoming issue and food, couldn't they?

Neo was on a roll this week but not in a good way. Before Fantasia left, she also was on the same page. Saying words like "perf", "7adz" and actually saying "lol" is weird. If you have no idea what the first two words means, let me tell you: "perf" is perfect and "7adz" is 7ada. I really hope this doesn't start trending but it will probably will. F2 really hates it so hopefully her anger passes through Neo and helps her realize that it's so not "awes".

Update on girly talk:

Scratch all I said about having just one session of girly talk. I almost forgot to mention that they reach the epitome of girly talk when they talked about America's Next Top Model. I mean yes, why wouldn't a guy like moi be interested in talking about gorgeous models who barely wear anything? Yes, I wouldn't mind that but that's not what they were talking about. They were saying how all the male models looked so yummy and beautiful. I have two things to say about that, 1)  I thought it was only female models and 2) they never said "yummy" but I'm sure they were close to using that word.

Since we're talking about beautiful people, we're all hooked on this new show, 'Devious Maids' which is all about beautiful Latina maids who work for the most obnoxious employers. It's almost like 'Desperate Housewives' which is without a doubt, a feminine show so why would it be ok that I watch a show filled with women, gossip, romance, and cheating? Because all the actresses are incredibly gorgeous, that's why.

So that's it my truffles. Take care, enjoy the last day of Ramadan (I don't see how you can possibly do that) and Eid Mubarak to all of you out there!

Adnan Al-Timimi is the only male editor in the female dominated Khaleejesque workspace. Follow Adnan’s column to know more about his unique experience in this unusual territory.

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