This photography competition is a truly remarkable one filled with meaningful photos that represent Ramadan and the religion of Islam in the utmost respectful manner. Not only has Dr. Basel Al Misshal established a memorable photography competition but has also added two new publications to the collection:


1. The IRPC Photography Book

This book contains all the spirit and meaning from the 2012 competition. The book is "worth a thousand encyclopedias" is the way they put it and with so many heart-warming and deep photographs, you can't disagree. All the photos have their own story and you can experience a truly amazingly photographical experience by ordering a hard copy or an iPad version of this beautiful book directly from their website.


2. The Spirit of Ramadan Magazine

This magazine is filled with interviews, features, and even tips on how to brush up on your photography skills. A unique item on its own, The Spirit of Ramadan Magazine shares Ramadan experiences from around the world not forgetting the essence of photography that truly makes this magazine a must-have.

That's not all as the IRPC will start their international exhibition tour and their first stop? America by the end of the year followed by Malaysia during June and July of next year with workshops from Basel Al Misshal himself and Steve McCurry. Photographers can subimit their work by August 12th with three submissions per person.

Visit for more information on the tour and publications.

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