Adnan (1)During the weekend, the weather was dusty, my hunger reached levels one can only imagine, and the week was mostly about girly talk which is no surprise because it's been the same way since I actually started at Khaleejesque. Surviving all that time, you'd probably think I got used to it and I have BUT it can't be like this every day ladies. Critic is back which only means more girly conversations. What I'm saying is one or two conversations about sports, cars, and action flicks.

Good afternoon my popsicles. Going through this week was like running a marathon wearing fins. I was so into my work for the first time in a long time thanks to girly talk and it's not the light girly talk where I 'may' consider commenting on during their session. It was the hardcore girly talk that consisted of beauty tips, henna, hair crises, and sharing baby and driver's licenses (mine looks like I just got out of Guantanamo Bay) All that and more was the reason last week was a really feminine one where I felt like I was in a beauty salon.

Another situation that occurred that I chose not to be a part of was the time when all the divas were sharing baby pictures and licenses. When that happened, I quickly hid my wallet back in my back pocket to prevent embarrassment because what I also have in my wallet, which is something they were also sharing, was baby pictures and for some reason I have baby pictures of myself in my wallet. What? They remind me of my youth.

Sharing stories about your childhood is always a pleasant thing to do. Neo was quite into it as were all the divas. I again, did not enter this situation for personal reasons (all my childhood was filled with eating like a T-Rex and sleeping like Jigglypuff) but it was nice listening to stories from the divas.

One person I really miss at the office is X-Grande Latte. After the printing of The Travel Issue, she disappeared. We all know she takes breaks after each issue but not this long, come on Latte. We miss your stories about Sophie, your stories about scary flight experiences, and your stories about anything else. Latte, wherever you are, come back (even if you're covered with cat hair, we don't mind) She's back by the way so come over and say hi.

So Critic is back. There's a huge negative point about that but let's start with positives. She has funny random stories to tell, her jokes are sometimes hilariously funny, and the fact that she bought me a really cool mustache mug is like 10 positives in one. Now let's talk about the negative. I've enjoyed the desk I've been sitting on since she was on her vacation (it has a window and the view has been spectacular during Ramadan) and when Queen Critic enters the kingdom, all must stop and I must get up because "that is her place". I'm putting it in quotations because it's just not fair. The chair doesn't fall back when I try to relax, it's perfect. Did I mention how much I love the window? My view now is the kitchen. During Ramadan. I know.

So that's pretty much what happened during the week. Girly talk, sharing embarrassing items, Critic invading my territory but I guess since we can soon go back to coffee filled mornings that I can forget all that happened and go on. Hopefully next week, we either get a male intern HAHA or the girly talk goes down a level before I come to the office with perfectly shaped eyebrows and hair like Thor.

See you next week popsicles!

Adnan Al-Timimi is the only male editor in the female dominated Khaleejesque workspace. Follow Adnan’s column to know more about his unique experience in this unusual territory.

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