F5800BA4-CB6A-402B-B997-C6BDFB45EC07[27]The world's largest short film festival is coming to the Arab region. Supported by twofour54, TROPFEST Arabia will help Arab filmmakers showcase their talent. Filmmaking is a graduating profession in the Arab region with many filmmakers developing their skills in the field but not having a platform to show off what they produce. What's even more appealing about this festival is that it's free! Free to enter, free to make your film and resources will even be given to you to help make your piece.

You can submit your film by August 31st 2013 and get this: If your film is well produced, it could reach the last 16 finalists and be displayed at the Corniche in Abu Dhabi. If you're into filming and are from the MENA region, then submit your work by the end of August and good luck because the prize is totally worth it: a cash prize and a trip to L.A to meet film industry professionals.

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