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But what is pretty is the fact that The Travel Issue has been printed and what's even prettier? Yours truly is on the cover! Yes ladies and gentlemen, I am an official arm/neck/back of the head model but enough of me. The magazine looks great, each article is worth reading more than just once, and the images used are just spectacular. Well done team and thank you to those who replied so quickly with answers to interviews.

Good afternoon my lgaimat. How's Ramadan with you? The office has never been filled with desperate, hungry faces like now. We actually miss the burned coffee, ordering in, and the casual days where F2 and co. bring food and make our day. These days it's all about trying hard not to break your fast (I'm kidding), and try to stop your stomach from erupting like a live volcano.

At the office, we've discussed the fact that this Ramadan, TV shows have been a disappointment as well as the commercials. Last year was a huge success and it sucks that this year isn't. After spending hours at the office with our non-pretty Ramadan faces, you'd want to go home and watch some local TV but you can't. Why you ask? Because whatever channel you turn on, it's either a scene involving constant swearing, divorce threats, or a chef who you can't really tell which gender they belong to.

So Fantasia is doing a really good job at being an intern. She's a hard worker and isn't shy to join in the randomness that goes on in the office but there's a new intern who should be joining us this week and she goes by the name of Neo. Hopefully she'll fit right in.

The other day was one of the days where even though the energy level in our bodies was below 0%, there was a moment where we went nuts. We started laughing like crazy, watching the most random YouTube videos, reading what all you had to say to the #RamadanTVRemix on our Instagram account and just giving no thought about anything else and just enjoying the company you have (which scientists have proven to be healthy to one's self). Even then we felt more thirsty than a camel on a dessert, we let all we had left into laughing and enjoying the hours.

We're already working on the next issue and I've made a promise to myself to have a bigger male variety to attract more readers of my species as well as having more athletes and people who interest men. I'm not being sexist or anything, just saying that having more male people helps being outnumbered at the office a little less stressful. I'm kidding, I love my divas.

You know how the divas have their random girl talk that lasts for hours and hours and even if I take a 10 minute break outside, it still has the same intensity? Well I thought of something I could do to mentally block all the marriage, hair, and spa talk. A book, but not any book. 'The Fall and Rise of Italian Football' by Paddy Agnew. F2 says "it's not a real book" but I beg to differ. Even though I haven't touched the book since I bought it back in 2009, I'm sure it has deep meaning and personality.

Are you guys hearing weird noises outside your office window too or is it just us? Anyways, that's all for this week and next week, I'll have an update on Neo and some news on how my new book is going (if I ever start on it).

Au revoir my lgaimat. Did you know that one of those bad boys has 50 calories? Well, it depends on the size you make them so ours would probably reach about 200.

Adnan Al-Timimi is the only male editor in the female dominated Khaleejesque workspace. Follow Adnan’s column to know more about his unique experience in this unusual territory.

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