Sauce Ramadan Gift Hamper

One of our favorite local eclectic boutique, Sauce has created a Ramadan Hamper priced at an affordable Dhs 300.  A well-thought out and perfect selection of goodies you no longer have to struggle with trying to find a last minute gift to take to an Iftar or Suhoor gathering.

Each hamper contains:

  • Neon prayer beads, also called a masbaha. This funky take on the classic beads can also be worn as a bracelet or necklace.
  • Pumpkin seeds, commonly referred to in the UAE as bizr. These yummy seeds are best consumed during a chat session  with friends or while playing cards.
  • Roasted seeds. A smaller version of bizr, but equally tasty and addictive.
  • Playing cards, aka warak shaddeh. Perfect for group competitions with friends and family.
  • Shoe shaped candy. Known as sababeets, these candies are a childhood favorite and have been flown in from Lebanon especially for this occasion.
  • Sugar coated chickpeas. Known locally as odameh, these chickpeas are another childhood favourite. They're crunchy, small, colorful and delicious!
  • Dates with M&M’s. Sauce's very own concoction! Who’d have thought that dates and M&M’s would make a great combo?

To purchase the Ramadan Gift Hamper visit any of Sauce's locations. Sauce has outlets in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. For a list of locations and addresses visit

Images courtesy of Sauce


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