It's that time of year again when students make that giant leap from high school to university taking all their memories, cheat-sheets, and all the other memoirs one would like to keep. Although entering university is the one thing parents have waited for (for the past 18 years to be exact), buying a car for their special one is always a challenge. Your child will either hate your forever or love you and be there for you until the day comes where he/she buys their own car and forgets all about that special day.

There are always factors to remember when getting the perfect car for your child so, parents, this next part is for you:

1. One for the long run.

Buying your teenage son/daughter a car for the long run is a good idea because once they graduate from university, they STILL won't have money to buy their own.

2. Do they know the steering wheel from the hand break?

Make sure you and/or your offspring know a thing or two about cars to help in maintaining it and if they don't, educate them. Teaching them how to drive would also help because their driving instructor won't. WARNING: If your teen does not know how to drive, period, then Toyota Corolla is your choice.


Make them part of the decision-making. Don't buy them a car and try to surprise them on their birthday because it will backfire, badly.

4. The B-word.

Make sure you have a budget. You don't want to spend money you've been saving for retirement or for your other child's college fund.

5. Money DOES buy happiness!

The more cash you splash on the car, the more you child will love you and be there at your funeral.

6. When all else fails…

They'll probably be borrowing Mom's car or Dad's car.

— So that's that. Parents, follow these tips to ensure your teen's satisfaction and eternal love for you. After buying them the car of their dreams (which hopefully isn't a Ferrari 458), your name will forever be engraved in their hearts and maybe even on a key chain attached to the car keys.

– Adnan Al Timimi

Image courtesy of: Janusz Gawron

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