Man Outnumbered

1. No Taylor Swift, Justin Beiber, or Twilight.
2. Coffee comes from downstairs. No 'outside interference'.
3. Repeat #1 & #2.

Good afternoon, my doodle sacks! Lovely weather we are having this week but watch it turn to dust in 3.. 2..1. I officially graduated last week so I'm still waiting for a "congratulations", gifts, or a simple comment below. Thanks in advance.

So the new intern is here and you know how they say the first impression is the most important? She totally aced it. She's a hard worker, quiet (for now), and is a good addition to the Khaleejesque family. With the introduction of two interns so far – with more to come – you'd think I'd be feeling more outnumbered and that it would soon be 27 VS 1. So far so good, I must say. Girly talk has faded for a while now and the only girl talk that goes on is all about "hair", which you can't totally erase, can you?

Lilly is quite the intern, I must say. She's enthusiastic, cooperative, helpful, and other words you'd put on your CV. Working with her will be interesting. She has her random moments which we all love, don't we? Lilly, welcome to the Khaleejesque family. As long as you stand by the rules above, you'll be fine.

*Random moment* Why is the news on Kim Kardashian giving birth on CNN? Do we really need to know? I heard rumors that Kanye was cheating on her with a look-alike while she was pregnant. She's had failed relationships with many guys in the past so is the rumor true? Is she the next Taylor Swift?!

X-Grande Latte is usually stressed out during the end of an issue with all the editing, getting work done, and adding final touches so we didn't see much of her but when we do, it's always a pleasure knowing what her lunch is, her stories about Sophie her cat, and how amazing she looks after dieting. You're welcome Latte.

Here's a little shout-out to Critic and Sticker. Good luck with what you two are doing and I'm sure both of you will succeed in your respective areas! Love, Man Outnumbered.

F2 is back next week which could result in two things: F2 misses us and gives us gifts and all is good OR she's back feeling miserable that her trip didn't go well and she didn't get us any gifts. Hopefully it's number one because she visited really interesting cities so my fingers are crossed. I also enjoyed sitting in her seat but that won't last much longer. She literally knows the desk like she knows herself.

It's the end of an issue and I must say it has been my best work ever and I'm proud of what we've all accomplished because it wasn't easy. Even though the topics I chose were interesting and had a lot to write about, I did get the usual 'no-reply' from some of them which is always an issue but the magazine should be finished any minute now.

Last issue, we talked about trends and how they affect people by the second and suddenly you see guys with the most ridiculous things that they shouldn't even be close to, like man-bags. I was thinking the other day about how powerful trends can be and how one can influence a thousand so I started thinking and got to this: Imagine guys wearing turbans. I mean, that's the only thing left to trend and honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if the country was filled with Aladdin's. And for those who carry murses (man purses), if you really want to carry a bag when you're in the mall or at a restaurant, carry your wife's!

Ok, back to being Man Outnumbered and not Joan Rivers. It will soon be the 25th anniversary of Man Outnumbered so all of you are cordially invited to a little get-together down there in the comment box. Feel free to say what you want as long as it's about Man Outnumbered and how incredible it is to reach 25. We'll have fancy foods like hors d'oeuvre so feel free to pass by!

Rendez-vous la semaine prochaine, mes amis. Je ne sais pas pourquoi je mettre fin à cette colonne parler français, mais n'est-ce pas refroidir comment Google Translate vous rend son sophistiqué? Au revoir!

Adnan Al-Timimi is the only male editor in the female dominated Khaleejesque workspace. Follow Adnan’s column to know more about his unique experience in this unusual territory.

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