Park Youn Soo in his office

The Butik is an online retailer that connects customers with both emerging and established designers from all around the world that have not been introduced to this region before. According to Faye Al Ismail and Futtaim Beljaflah, founders of The Butik, their aim is "to uncover hidden talents from all around the world, to bring to our clients stories and experiences, and to connect them to the people behind the sewing machines." The Butik has partnered with Khaleejesque to promote the designers, which will be uncovered in a series of video interviews and articles. The first installment of the "The Butik Interviews" is that of designer Park Youn Soo of "Big Park."

The Grandeur of Big Park from The Butik Dubai on Vimeo

Around the corner from 10 Corso Como, in the very chic part of Seoul, there lay a patio filled with a long stretch of grass leading to the entrance of Big Park’s HQ. An elevator ride and a few steps later, we found ourselves on the marble floor outside his private office. We instantly knew Park Youn Soo, the designer, was big.

He exudes a certain charismatic air and a certain presence when he walks into a room but his humbleness is far beyond that of the average gentleman especially for a designer of his status and caliber. It is evident from his well-spoken mannerisms, his self-expression and his sentiment that he values the small things in life and appreciates everything that comes his way, which only speaks volumes of his character.

Big Park Denim Pants
Big Park Denim Pants

If that wasn’t enough, the many awards he has won have recognized his strong skillset, the first award being back in 1980 for The National  Fashion Design Golden Award. Participant of over forty fashion shows, he has accomplished what many designers wish to achieve in a few lifetimes. The Professor of Design, once President of the Seoul Fashion Collection (also known as Seoul Fashion Week), is also winner of several prominent, key awards; the most recent being the Ministry of Culture Awards, IICA Incheon International Airport Uniform Design, Hyundai Capital ‘Sky Walkers’ Volleyball Team Uniform Design, Korea National Team Uniform Design, Korean Model Association ‘Best Designer Awards’, to merely name a few.

Inspired by the success of his signature line and winning a series of key, notable awards, Professor Park Youn Soo felt he had reached the peak of creativity with his signature line and therefore decided to venture out into something a little different and thus created the very fresh label Big Park in 2012, by drawing inspiration from street style from all around the world, with the aim to portray a multi-cultural life style through timeless exploration of various journeys. He creates unique handmade patchworks to reinterpret the dynamic movement of the dragons and tigers of the Joseon Dynasty, alongside his flower distortion print, evident in many of his designs this season.

He creates art and life through his energetic and fun designs to recognize and embrace the importance of contemporary culture on fashion. We believe Big Park will be a huge international success and wish him the best of luck, though we are confident he won’t need it.

You can browse and shop items from Big Park by Park Youn Soo at

Images courtesy of The Butik

Park Youn Soo Sketching A New Design
Park Youn Soo Sketching A New Design
The Designer Park Youn Soo At Work
The Designer Park Youn Soo At Work


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