Man OutnumberedThis has to be the hottest week ever in my Khaleejesque career (and I'm not talking about my looks). Arriving at the office feeling like you're melting is not a pretty image. To make it worse – no wait, there's nothing worse than going to work with 5+ women while feeling like a boiled egg.

Good afternoon, my beautiful ponies! Other than the extremely blazing and fiery weather, this week also had traitors, impersonations, a 10-second photo shoot, and something suspicious that goes on in the office. What I'm about to share is highly confidential so keep reading.

Let's talk about the beginning of the week. Captain is a traitor. By definition a traitor is "a person who commits treason by betraying his or her country". She actually didn't betray her country but what I'm saying is that Captain switched from iPhone to Samsung! I know right?? That's exactly what I said too! It's like switching from PC to Mac, Cheddar to Parmesan, or from powder deodorant to stick. You get where I'm going? We didn't expect this and even though 'change is good', we can never act the same around Captain ever again. Pretty dramatic, eh?

When we saw that different side of Captain, we were also introduced to a new side of F2. Apparently, she's quite the impersonator. She's really good with impressions and did a really good job impersonating us. Even though the impersonation of me deserved a perfect 1 out of 10, I'd give her a round of applause for the other impressions.

I'm bound to be sucked in girly conversations during office hours and this week, it was really girly and when I mean girly, I mean GIRLY. I never knew you could put oxygen in your hair. I also didn't know that hair-talk could get so intense  that if one girl wants to do something different, her friend acts as if she's going to shave it all off. Imagine having that kind of conversation with guys:

"I'm going to shave my beard"

"Nooooo, you just can't!"

Something did turn out well this week, which was the photo shoot we had at the office. We all dressed up, looked nice and had our 10-second photo shoot. Why was it only 10 seconds? Are we that photogenic? Or was the photographer (F2) just so talented? What I can admit is that the pictures turned out well, the divas looked spectacular (Captain looked good in heels and yellow looks really nice on Sticker) and I thought I looked good too.

Yesterday I went to Ghalia Tech's 2nd Anniversary Event and I want to take this paragraph to congratulate them on their success. I mean if you've survived two years of dealing with clients, you must have done something right?

So here is what all of you have been waiting for. Have you ever wondered what goes on afterhours in your workplace? When you leave, are there people who stick around for a while? What I'm talking about is that at office, the last three people are yours truly, X-Grande Latte, and Captain. When I leave and it's the two divas left, I always wonder: Do they start their daily inspection of how everybody worked at the office? Do they turn the tables upside down and start scratching like DJs? Or do they secretly have a hidden chamber in the office where they're working on another magazine? Who knows? I may stay an extra hour from now on and maybe X-Grande Latte and Captain will take me in?

Here's a random issue. You know how Kuwait was listed as the "World's Fattest Country" a while ago? I have the answer to why that is: It's because a burger costs less than a salad over here!

The solution? Triple the price of fast food and decrease the price of salads and other healthy foods by 90%. Marketers and financial people out there, it's a win-win situation.

See you next week, my coffee beans!

– Adnan Al-Timimi

Adnan Al-Timimi is the only male editor in the female dominated Khaleejesque workspace. Follow Adnan’s column to know more about his unique experience in this unusual territory.

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