This year has flown by fast – we've reached the middle of the year! – so it's almost time to update your watches, throw away calendars, and last of all, throw away your old planners. Ok, maybe not so fast, but perhaps in another six months. Although if you've been using The Yard's designer planners, you probably want to keep them as keepsakes.

Here's an opportunity for designers from all around the Arab world! This is a competition you'd be interested in. You have the chance to see your designs on The Yard's 2014 Design Planners.

The Yard is a Kuwait-based shop that stocks eclectic bags, jewelry, home accessories and many other items. Earlier this year, they introduced a set of monthly planners with the cover of each planner designed by a local artist. The 2013 Planners were so successful that they're doing another collaboration for next year.

Artists and designers can submit their designs to The Yard and the top 12 designs will be selected for the 2014 Planners. They will be produced and sold online and in their store in Kuwait City.

If you want to participate in The Yard's Designer Planner collaboration, email your submissions to Submission Deadline is August 17th 2013. Good Luck!


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