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Kuwaiti entrepreneurs and art and design enthusiasts Bader Al-Hejailan and Ahmad Al-Ghanim have always had a strong passion for the creative industry. Their first venture, Thouq magazine, a Kuwait-based fashion and lifestyle magazine that catered to men and women, was the first of its kind in the country.

Several years later, the duo have created another joint venture, this time in the form of a standalone shop, also called Thouq. The shop, located right in the midst of the country's bustling old market, Souk Al Mubarakiya, will surprise even the most on-trend local shopper.

Thouq StorefrontThe shop's neighbors, tiny shops that sell everything you'd expect from an old market, provide the ultimate juxtaposition for the small yet modern 12 square meter shop.

A simple red and white sign outside the shop spells the word "Thouq" and signifies what shoppers can expect inside. The store showcases clothing and accessories by local designers and artists, including lifestyle items like affordable pop art.

Co-owner Bader Al-Hjeilan said, “Thouq shop is an extension of our creative work and design legacy. The shop stocks our magazine back issues and limited pop art and a selection of unique products, from books and DVDs to sportswear. Just 12 sq meters, it's the ideal place for gift shopping or a bit of personal indulgence.”

With new products stocked in the store on a weekly basis, Thouq is the go-to place for quirky and modern items that reflect and pay tribute to the ever-changing pop culture of Kuwait.

Customers who visit the store often end their trip with tea or dinner at one of the old cafes in the souk. A new vs. old experience indeed.

To find out more about Thouq visit For directions to the store check the map below.

– Alya Al-Othman

Thouq Shop

Thouq Cash Bag

Thouq Storefront

Thouq Mubarakiya Map

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