Instead of staying home and not doing anything this summer, or instead of doing the same activity every day during the holiday, here's a chance for you to take advantage of the vacation and try something new and beneficial at the same time. If you're aged 16-24 and are interested in increasing your general knowledge and gaining new experiences, then you should apply to join the Protégés Program in Kuwait.

The Protégés Program is a 3 week program dedicated to bringing knowledge and enthusiasm to teens and young adults through workshops, challenges, travels, activities, and many other fun and exciting ways.

The 3-week program consists of:

  • A two-week trip to England
  • Seminars at King's College
  • Workshops conducted by the program's mentors
  • Developing business ideas through programs and hands-on activities

All the mentors are experienced individuals who have thrived and succeeded in their field of study. They will dedicate the time at the program to help the participants discover their passions in life and discover how to achieve their goals.

To find out more about The Protégés Program check out the video below:

To register at the program visit or visit their offices at Panasonic Tower, 25th Floor, Fahad Al Salem St., Qiblah, Kuwait City.

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