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Fusion food is among the latest trends in the culinary industry. The concept of fusion food is put together when combining two or more cuisines to create a single menu. Simply put, it is the fusion of foods from different cultures such as Italian-American, or Japanese-Brazilian, Asian-Cuban. What we have yet to see however is an Egyptian fusion restaurant. But that won't be the case now that Helio Lounge has opened.

Opened in March of this year at the Dubai Marina, Helio Lounge is a restaurant/lounge inspired by Egyptian heritage. Describing it as a culinary concept with "laid-back glamour" the people behind Helio Lounge wanted a place with a unique yet stylish atmosphere where people are encouraged to relax and dine while enjoying a menu of modern fusion Egyptian cuisine food in a beautiful setting overlooking the Dubai Marina.

The restaurant boasts a 10,000 sq ft area that includes a large terrace with a beautiful 110 degree view of Dubai Marina. The design is contemporary with touches that give a nod to ancient Egyptian culture.

Helio LoungeRenowned chef Joe Barza, was put in charge of creating a mouthwatering menu that incorporates Egyptian dishes with an international twist, in addition to international dishes that are presented in a contemporary way. The food is meant to be shared and enjoyed in a comfortable way – such is the ethos of Helio Lounge.

Helios LoungeThe restaurant is known for their signature "Helios" which is the modern answer to the classic Egyptian fiteer, freshly baked pastries usually filled with honey and cheese. The updated version at Helio Lounge is also baked fresh, but comes with various delectable fillings – both savory and sweet –and is cut bite-sized so that it can be shared. Helios fillings include beef, foul (kidney beans), basterma (pastrami), and coconut and caramelized apples.

Other shareable dishes include Baba Ghanoug, a puree of grilled eggplant, Bsara, beans and lentils, and Mousakaa, baked eggplant with tomato sauce, Shish-tawook, grilled chicken bites, Kofta, grilled beef patties, and Koshari, rice with pasta and fried onions.

Also on offer are desserts, fresh juice blends, and milkshakes, as well as hot drinks like tea and coffee – perfect for those who want to go to the lounge to relax on the terrace.

Helio Lounge is located at Trident Bayside, Dubai Marina, Dubai. Tel: (+971) 4 432 9457. For more information visit www.helio.ae

–    Sam Khoury

Helio Lounge

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