Man Outnumbered

This week was a little more relaxing than usual days because we're in the early stages of harassing clients and getting work done but once we're off our mental vacation, it's back to extra cups of coffee and X-Grande Latte's disastrous warning emails. No clues, no hints, no nothing, but we promise you yet another mind-blowing issue in July.

Good morning, my pistachio ice cream covered almonds. I hope I don't jinx the weather by saying how amazing it has been over the last couple of weeks. Don't you just want to forget your troubles, your job and just go for some ice cream or go to the beach and sit there till you get attacked by a sandstorm?

I know I say this a lot but when things get a little stressful at the office, I stare outside our amazing window and gaze at the incredible ships that pass by. And I don't know why but every time a ship passes by, I automatically imagine lasers, guns and cannons firing out at another ship. I had just watched Battleship before having this weird vision so don't blame me.

To celebrate this lovely weather and the completion of "The Fashion Issue," the divas and I had a lovely lunch and I had the honor of watching Captain eat! Yes, people, she actually intakes food and it's not only coffee and gum! THERE'S ACTUAL FOOD! So yes, it was a pleasure having a celebratory lunch with the divas and here is a toast to a million more!

Over the week, we share never-ending laughter because of the weirdest things you can think of. Charlie Chaplin once said, "A day without laughter is a day wasted" and I must say, Mr. Chaplin, I couldn't have agreed with you more. During the stages of the day where everyone is either trying to cover the growls of their stomachs, we started comparing each other to cartoon characters and see who looks like which character. I won't name them but here are the characters we found most resembling to each person at the office: Jigglypuff, Olive Oyl, the blonde Smurf, Wilma Flinstone, Helga from Hey Arnold, and Theodore the Chipmunk. If you know the divas personally, try guessing who's who.

I'm going to end this column by sharing something you can do with a group of people that will no doubt make you guys laugh like hyenas. Google your name then click images. You never know what you'll get. You're welcome.

– Adnan Al Timimi

Adnan Al-Timimi is the only male editor in the female dominated Khaleejesque workspace. Follow Adnan’s column to know more about his unique experience in this unusual territory.

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