Matcha tea, or as some call it the "Antioxidant Powerhouse", is creating a huge buzz in the world of nutrition. As an antioxidant, it plays a huge role in preventing aging and chronic diseases. It is believed that the health benefits of drinking matcha tea exceed those of consuming green tea since drinking matcha includes the consumption of the whole tea leaf, whereas regular tea is water that is brewed with tea.

Matcha was first discovered in Japan as an aid to the practice of meditation. It promotes concentration, without the nervous energy found in other stimulating drinks like coffee. In another recent study, it was proven that matcha improved physical endurance.

Almost a calorie-free drink, it is excellent in boosting the metabolism as well as burning fat. Matcha tea does not raise blood pressure or the heart rate, and it cleanses the body from the harmful elements like toxins.

What's great about Matcha tea is that it can be served hot or cold; you can even have it with milk and create a delicious Matcha latte. Recipes of green tea smoothies are coming out everyday; from mixing it with a cup of yogurt to including it with orange juice. Matcha is an easy substitute for regular green tea.

The drink is also popular amongst body builders and athletes as an added ingredient to their protein shakes. Although some consider it to be overrated, much like many over-hyped food trends, I personally think that it has excellent beneficial traits that no other tea – or drink – has.

– Fajer Al Farsi


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