Man OutnumberedIt has been thirteen weeks since the beginning of Man Outnumbered, which means thirteen write-ups, thirteen (catchy?) titles and thirteen nicknames for you, my readers. Thirteen has always "superstitiously" (is that even a word?) been a bad luck number but honestly I don't believe in superstition so what I'm saying is full of cow dump so why don't I just share what happened during the week?

It’s the second week of April and so far, we had dust, cold weather, skin-melting heat, with the occasionally calm spring breeze.

This column is all about pure randomness (surprise, surprise) so get ready because for the next 5 minutes, you will receive more random stories than you have ever read.

Let's forget all the weather complaints, parking hassle and coffee cravings in the morning and let me introduce to you the guest of the week, the boy who will one day be the ultimate champion of 'Fun Run' (he beat me 7 times in a row), and honestly my favorite guest to visit Khaleejesque: Little A. I would have played 'Fun Run' until it was time to leave but after the embarrassment he gave me, I think I'll stick to 'Angry Birds', 'Solitaire' or even 'Snake'. It was a pleasure having him around but next time we play a game, I'm choosing. Maybe 'Go-Fish' or 'Hide & Seek'?

I'm about to say the most random sentence of the column so get ready. Captain looked like an absolute fireball over the weekend.

Being the only man at the office does have its downs but sometimes they share their troubles and we all end up being one happy family. For example, dieting. Almost everybody at the office is on a diet. Now, I have people to share my bad experiences like having soup or eating blueberries. X-Grande Latte is bringing sand crackers and guacamole, Sticker is bringing gluten, nut, fat, sugar and everything-free nutrition bars, and F2 has her magical drawer of absolutely everything (she probably has an iron board, a fridge and a heater for the winter too).

The other day during my session looking outside the window, I saw the usual cargo ships looking really cool and it looked like a pirate ship which is even cooler. What really caught my attention though was the little boat that was face-to-face with the pirate ship – the Sea Police. I knew there was a word for the speedboats that patrol the sea but I just couldn't remember the term so I called them the 'sea-police'. Yes, the 'sea-police'. Sounds like what you would get when you mix 'The Little Mermaid' and 'Police Academy'.

In other news, I started coming around 1 hour earlier to work than I usually do and what a difference it makes! I still have a good breakfast (coffee and gum), there are clouds in the skies, less traffic, and it just feels good arriving early at the office and having more time to harass the divas. To all of you reading this: wake up early, take a nice cold shower and get a good breakfast and on your way to work, look at all the clouds and listen to all the repeats of 'I Knew You Were Trouble' on the radio.

That's how my week went. Other than the errands I had to run which was more stressful than doing your SAT exams while balancing on a broomstick.

Take care, my almonds, and enjoy your weekends safely. From the random weather we're having this spring, expect snow, rainbows and unicorns.

– Adnan Al Timimi

Adnan Al-Timimi is the only male editor in the female dominated Khaleejesque workspace. Follow Adnan’s column to know more about his unique experience in this unusual territory.

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