Moveo Foldable Scooter

The Rubik's Cube, the ballpoint pen and Ferenc Puskás. Three things that Hungary will always be remembered for creating. Not to mention Budapest, the country's beautiful capital. Now, a design team from Hungary have designed a concept that will no doubt be a hit not only in Hungary, but in all of Europe and the rest of the world as well.

Meet Moveo. A super lightweight scooter which only weighs 25 kg and can reach a maximum speed of 45 km/h. But that's not what amazes us with Moveo. When you're not driving it, you can also fold it in two and carry it like a roll-on suitcase! How compact is that?

Moveo is also very eco-friendly because of its electric motor and getting stuck in traffic won't be an issue due to its size. Who wouldn't want one of these? The only drawback is that you'll probably reach your destination a little later than usual because of its maximum speed limit. Other than that, the Moveo is almost irresistible.

What do you think? Would you drive a Moveo in your country? Let us know below!




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