Yes, it's almost that time of year so get out your tinted shades, flip-flops, sun-tan oil, and drink hat. But wait, something is missing. Other than a pet dog and popsicles, you need the perfect ride to enjoy the summer. How about a Wrangler to enjoy the breeze of summer air through your hair? Or eyebrows if you're bald. A truck wouldn't be so bad when storing your bicycle to enjoy the summer heat. There's always the choice of luxury with a Porsche Boxster or a Mercedes G-Class and if you're into classics and lucky enough to get your hand on one, then a 1961 Impala is the choice for classic summer cruising. There are some convertibles which you'd want to have before the sun gets any hotter so here's a list of what we think would look good in your garage for your favorite season of the year:


1. Fiat 500

This had to be on the list because of its size, fuel efficiency and the fact that the convertible version is more adorable than a Smurf on a pony. This Italian city car is one of the most delightful modes of transportation for the summer days and must be on top of your list!


2. Jeep Wrangler

This jeep has to be the pinnacle of jeeps mainly because of its storage space, the fact that it comes in a hard-top version, and because with large tires and tinted windows, the Jeep Wrangler has to be a tough competitor for your summer ride.


3. Mini Cooper

Where can I start with this one? Since its birth in 1959, the Mini Cooper has starred in movies, been driven by celebrities, and has won multiple awards over the years. The British classic comes in a Coupé cut, Cabrio, Roadster, Countryman, Clubman, and special edition John Cooper versions. What are you waiting for?


4. BMW 640i

We were all used to BMW creating dull cars from the outside with a touch of technological brilliance in the inside but then we were introduced to the new 640i, which I think looks absolutely mind-blowing. This car has the storage space, the exterior/interior and the perfect drive to enjoy the summer days.


5. Audi A5

This car may be one of the only summer cars suitable for middle-aged and/or retired men who seek back their youth and the time where there were no false teeth, grandchildren, and bingo. The Audi A5 is simple, classy and delivers the thrill of any other convertible on the market.


6. Ford F-150

You always need a truck to load up your surf and scuba gear (if you're in some place like Australia) and for the summer, you'll be taking regular visits to the chalet and what better car to take than the F-150? This truck does not only look more manly and intimidating than its rival American trucks but can also get the job done better with all its special features and if you get the Raptor, then oh my.


7. Range Rover Evoque

When Range Rover released the Evoque in 2011, the world was astonished by the sleek and sexy design of the SUV and that it comes in a 2-door AND 4-door version. Have you seen the 'Special Edition' Evoque by Victoria Beckham? Doesn't Victoria look dazzling? Ok, back to the car. It's cool, clean and compatible for all your summer needs plus it's really easy on the eyes. Why not?


8. Mercedes G-Class

G for Gorgeous. This SUV has to be one of the most attractive ones on the road. Even though it's shaped like a perfectly squared box, it's a pretty stunning box. Brad Pitt bought one of these when it first came out for $1 million and because later when he found he didn't like the color, he bought a second one. Let that be your motivation. So nice, he bought it twice.


9. Jaguar XJ

After seeing the Jaguar XJ in Skyfall, it was love at first sight. Faultless English craftsmanship makes this car the most elegant sedan out of Jaguar and just like the Audi A5, it can also suit the elder as well as their children. The Jaguar XJ is my pick for my summer ride.


10. Bentley Continental GT

I couldn't help it but to add a two-door supercar with a hefty price tag and it probably won't even be part of YOUR list but because this car is a favorite for many in the GCC, I have to mention it. There's a two-door and a four door plus it's the THIRD car in the list that can compliment all ages. Teenager who's parents grow money on trees, an established man in a suit who works for a multi-million company  (run by his dad) or a retired 62 year-old who just received his pension money.

– Adnan Al-Timimi


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