I honestly can't believe this is the 10th piece I write to you, my little raisins. They passed by so fast! Well I'm here to tell you, it's all over. What a number to end it at. It's been a pleasure!

I'm kidding, I'm not leaving. Put away that tissue box and sit up straight, I have more stories to share so kick back, relax, and read.

We started off the week with an intense debate about an issue which can generate great awareness and argument towards the subject itself. Flower crowns. I know right? Critic put it perfectly and said, "plant", because basically, that's what it is. A plant. A plant has soil and dead ants and girls out there are putting them around their head. We're all with go-green and "be one with the environment" but not literally.

I'm always harassed at the office (Captain should've mentioned that was going to happen everyday before I applied to Khaleejesque) and this week was no different. I won't talk more about it, just check our Instagram and see for yourself. Poor little me. It's like 6 bullies against a skinny short nerd with taped-in-the-middle glasses. It's like a pack of lions against little poor Timon.

The divas and I went on a little field trip (just outside the office where our window gazing happens) and it was filled with joy, laughter and everybody enjoying each other's company. No it wasn't. It was 45 seconds of taking pictures (which turned out to be really good thanks to Braces' photography skills) to show our fans how amazing we are.

The one thing that is never ending in the office (other than the harassment, window gazing and coffee) is how irritating it is waiting for people to reply to emails, sending texts and images and so we can meet deadlines. I know I've been mentioning this every week but you gotta feel for me peeps. We need more organized and punctual people around. It's almost like opening a bag of Lays. You think you have all the chips you want but instead half of it is air. Bad example?

Another unfortunate thing going on is the smell of our nearest coffee place! (If you're eating, you don't want to read what's next). It smells like cigarettes mixed with sewage waste and vanilla. Too bad it's the only decent coffee house near. Maybe we should take time to go to any other place which doesn't smell like tobacco?

One very random thing happened during the office. I arm-wrestled a diva during the week and obviously I won. No really, I did. I'm not making it up. Ask Critic. You wouldn't be surprised though because of my great physique after dieting (and because I'm a guy). Before that, two very competitive divas arm-wrestled and I won't say who they were and who won but it was THE highlight so far for me at Khaleejesque.

So lets recap on what happened. We basically expressed what we think about flower crowns. By 'we', I mean Critic. We had a 45-second photo shoot but MAN did the images come out amazing or what? I'm also praying everyday that people we're featuring reply faster than Taylor Swift's next break up. Arm-wrestling has never been more exciting and that’s pretty much it. What I love about the office is that we always have more random moments than Nicki Minaj's next hairdo.

See you next week and brace yourselves, Mother's Day is tomorrow which means your bank account will be zilch. Zero. Nada. صفر

Adnan Al-Timimi is the only male editor in the female dominated Khaleejesque workspace. Follow Adnan’s column to know more about his unique experience in this unusual territory.

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