Eman Jamal is a young Kuwaiti photographer with a promising future. A graduate from Kuwait University, Eman works as a Media Researcher at the university and also an art supervisor of the Student Activities centre.

Eman has worked as a freelance photographer for fashion and commercial projects. Thouq Magazine, P2BK Magazine, and restaurants like Life with Cocao, Chocopolis Bakery and stores such as One Moment Please, N-Boutique and Thorns Designs.

With such notable experience, Eman is certainly on her way to incredible heights in the world of photography and no doubt will she be a target by restaurants, boutiques, events and anything that she can photograph. You can see all of Eman's work on the following websites 500pxFlickrBlogInstagram and contact her at photofaith@hotmail.com.

Here are some images that really show off Eman's talent!





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