BAB Market

In a fresh initiative to rediscover Bahraini talent, the Bahraini Ministry of Culture, in celebration of this year’s program titled "Manama: Capital of Arab Tourism 2013" has launched BAB Market, a contemporary outdoor festival in the heart of Bab Al-Bahrain and the surrounding souk of Manama.

Bab Market BahrainThe festival launched on February 28, 2013 and is set to take place every Thursday, Friday and Saturday until March 30, 2013. BAB Market encompasses food, clothing, jewelry and art stalls all of which give aspiring local entrepreneurs and artists a platform to showcase their creativity.

In addition, BAB Market is set to include a pop up gallery showcasing various art exhibitions on a weekly basis. The pop up gallery will be available to the public during weekdays as well as weekends. Furthermore, BAB Market will include a number of workshops.

Other things available at Bab Market include a Kids Music Park created by Zee Kesler, it's a place where kids and the public can create rhythm and sounds from local everyday objects designed as instruments. Also available is a life-sized backgammon board game, a Shadow Puppet theatre where kids create shadow puppets and get the chance to put on a projected show for the public, a Bicycle Arpeggio installation created by artist George Rahi that is both interactive and musical, and many more.

Bab Market is a free event for the public that takes place every weekend in Bahrain until March 30th 2013, only the workshops have a fee.

For more information visit, the Bab Market blog, or email You can also check them out on Instagram @babmarket

Check out BAB Market's promo video created by upcoming designer Khaled Al Moayyed:

Bab Market Bahrain

Bab Market Bahrain

Bab Market Bahrain

Bab Market Bahrain

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