Prominent Kuwaiti jewelry store Octium collaborated with rising Kuwaiti jewelry designers Abrar Al Ebrahim, designer of Th’haba, Dana Al-Nafisi designer of Dana Nafisi Jewelry, and Nada Al-Nafisi designer of NwN, to celebrate their love for their country with a limited edition collection titled “For the Love of Kuwait.”

The collection, which was unveiled at an exclusive event on Thursday 19th of February, was composed of beautiful gold and diamond pieces inspired by Kuwait's culture and environment.

United Knuckle Ring by Th'habaAbrar Al Ebrahim, the name behind Th’haba, created an amazing line inspired by the floor plans of old Kuwaiti houses. Al Ebrahim was inspired by the history of Kuwait to create various pieces such as necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets using gold and diamonds.

Nwn Designs

Nada Al Nafisi the creator of Nwn Designs got her inspiration from the traditional thobe worn by women in the past, as well as the sadu print. Not wanting to make them look old and dated, she gave the pieces a modern spin. On the back of each piece, the word "Kuwait" is engraved.

Egal by Dana Nafisi

Dana Al Nafisi got her inspiration from Sheikh Mubarak Al-Kabeer, one of Kuwait's previous Emirs. Her collection of seven rings were modeled after his thick egal (the black round piece worn by men on top of their ghutra), which was used in the past but is now almost never used, as well as his bisht.

The event, which was a first for Octium, was also aimed at exhibiting and showcasing rising independent designers such as the above mentioned three. The store's founders Sh. Alanood Al Sabah and Mr. Fahad Al Hajiri hope to create more events like this, in which they support and encourage jewelry by Kuwaiti designers.

The "For the Love of Kuwait" collection is available until mid-March at Octium boutique in 360 mall, Al Zahraa, Kuwait.

– Nehal Hussein

United Necklace by Th'haba United Earrings by Th'haba United Cuff Bracelet by Th'haba Nwn Designs

Egal by Dana Nafisi

Egal by Dana Nafisi

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