Man OutnumberedI am tanned, I have a new hairdo, and I had the most awkward yet relaxing massage ever during the holiday. No I am back… Back to pure randomness, back to sharing horrible experiences and certainly back to the office. Welcome back to Man Outnumbered.

What's crackalackin' people? Fresh off my trip to Bahrain, I'm back at Khaleejesque writing to you, my fans and advocates. The trip was something I could get used to really. Luxury transport, people asking regularly how my meal is, or how my suite is, and random employees from the hotel saying, "Good morning Mr. Adnan" and giving me the nod while I proudly nod back.

That was all really nice but I did suffer from a couple of weird experiences, some of which I shall keep to myself. I can, though, share my awkward yet also relaxing and funny massage experience.

I was pretty excited about the massage, mainly because it was my first ever. I did NOT know that during your massage, the masseuse suddenly whispers in your ear: "Sir is everything good?"

I think I grunted "Yes" because I was so into the massage and so relaxed that I was sleeping. Yes I slept. I think I snored too. I guess that means the lady did a really good job.

Other than that, it felt really good having all the attention of the receptionist, general manager, marketing executive, etc. And I really appreciated that man who gave me the nod. Maybe next time, one of the divas can experience what I did. But not if it's in Japan, Brazil or China. Sorry, divas, I'm taking that trip too!

The restaurants at the hotel were really good, the hospitality was more than satisfying, and I was close to staying one or two more nights but in the end, I decided it was time to come back home (and the massage really acted as the perfect ending to the trip). Thank you, Captain, for making it happen!

You'll read my review of the hotel (including photos) on Sunday, but now let's talk about something a little more interesting. Last week, I mentioned I had a surprise for you and even the divas have no idea what it is. But you know what? I'm going to leave it for later.

Let's talk about Kuwait for now. Happy National and Liberation Day Kuwait! The maseera مسيرة is over and luckily I wasn't caught in the traffic! Hopefully all of Kuwait had fun and were safe throughout the celebrations.

To stall the surprise even more, I'm going take a minute to talk about Lite. She is one of the great reasons why I interned at Khaleejesque. Thank you, Lite, you couldn't have directed me to a better workplace and I wouldn't be the person I am today without you and the divas. I take off my hat to all of you.

Now we come to the surprise. After almost a year at Khaleejesque, to show appreciation to the divas, I'm going to write a short novel about my time here; how I started and how a simple presentation by a diva I never mentioned, in one of my communications classes in AUK, changed my life. I'll be starting on it soon and it will be something I could work on with all the time I have now that I've graduated. Hopefully, the divas will be as thrilled as I am right now.

That's all for this week. Toodles!

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