Alwan 338, a yearly art event organized by Bahrain's Al Riwaq Art Space, will open its doors to visitors from March 26 to April 26 2013. This edition of Alwan 338 is all about engaging in participation in art and using the city of Manama.

This year's theme is titled "Common Ground," which will bring all artists together under one roof using photography, which is the main medium of this edition. Other exciting things that will take place are music and film screenings to lighten up the mood.

Participants from all over the world will be gathering together in Bahrain for this lovely event. There will be newcomers as well as past participants who will want to shine at Alwan 338. Ismail Bahri from Tunisia will present for the first time in Manama; Noor Ali Chagani from Pakistan,who won the Jameel Art Prize this year, will be part of the event; Alessandra Domingues from Brazil will create light installations; and Ndary Ly from Senegal will use large installations made out of objects you see everyday. There are many other participants as well as the 10 home-grown artists from Bahrain.

Bayan Kanoo, Al Riwaq Art Space Director thinks Alwan 338 is all about creating an environment where everybody can come together and make us of the open space with their art.

"The importance given to these shared spaces, a land used by all, emphasizes what we have in common with each other. This coming together through art during Alwan 338 encourages us to transform that shared space we occupy into an open exchange, a collective dialogue that allows a creative renewal of everything life and the possibility of new approaches, new understandings, and new identities."

For more information visit,  or check out their Twitter profile @alriwaq

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