AdnanNo, sadly it isn't my anniversary I'm talking about, but read on anyway…

Hello column readers! How are you doing this fine day? This past week has been all about getting ready for the first anniversary celebration of Khaleejesque Magazine on Wednesday January 30th. That meant printing the invitations, licking envelopes, editing the stop-motion video and getting the whole thing together. Of course, I didn't do any of that, the divas did. I just sent out emails for the invitees – and that took quite a lot of time in case you were wondering.

During all the chaos, Sticker (a.k.a Water Stealer) was still at it again even though she denies it like a zebra denies its stripes; X-Grande Latte was at her normal self, telling the most random stories of spoiled children, strange life experiences, all with her gigantic coffee cup in hand; Braces is still MIA while Critic was her sarcastic yet lovely self. F2 brought along her little sister M to the office and it's always a pleasant surprise having guests over.

Since we were in a festive week, I thought I'd bring in a special book to the office, one that I treasure so much in my life. So special that it's the only book I've read in almost 10 years. Ladies and gents, I present to you, My World by David Beckham. A fantastic book filled with facts, pictures and stories about the Englishman. I do have a book about Mrs. Beckham, so I may start on that soon.

Other than getting ready for the festivities, there was the usual gossip conversations that we had. By "we", I mean the divas gossip while I crack up at the random stories they tell. I enjoy listening to them talk, talk and talk about interesting things that happened during the weekend.

The divas are the coolest group of fine ladies you can find. Harassment to me does happen often (post-it notes on my forehead thanks to Critic), trying to ruin my diet (mostly from F2) and because I sit next to Sticker, I get mean comments and remarks (and we all thought she was the quiet one) but in the end they all 'kinda' make my day.

We always discuss the latest trends going around and I'm sure the ladies out there have heard about the new "habba" out there: Flower headbands. I'm really happy the divas are totally against the idea of putting plants around your head. What's next? Seaweed? Banana peels? Hopefully none of that comes true and I hope I didn't just start a trend.

After a week of planning the event and sending out emails to the most bizarre blog names you can think of, I want to end this week's column with a great quote by Critic, which I felt was deep, and had great meaning.

"I hate you with great passion." See you next week!


This post was meant to go up on Wednesday BEFORE the event. But I delayed it because I wanted to talk about Khaleejesque Magazine's event. And what a celebration it was! Friends, families, bloggers, restaurant owners and even embassy members were all present during the evening (there was also a band playing rather loud Arabic music but it was all for the festivity).

It was a blue lighted, candles-in-a-jar, flowers-in-a-jar, catered evening filled with beautiful people having pleasant conversations with people they never met. Unless you came with 7 friends, then you'd be good for the evening. My mom and brother were there and I guess they enjoyed themselves (or that's what they told me) and it was really wonderful meeting most of the divas' parents.

Of course there were the panicky moments during the evening. Broken jars, the hassle before the event to get everything in place, getting the goodie-bags together, technical difficulties (no details), but at the end it was worth it, indeed. The stop-motion video that Captain worked on turned out to be really good! Great job, Captain. And good choice of soundtrack music, Turban.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the end of column 3. I already know what I want to write about for next week so stay tuned!

Till then!

Adnan Al-Timimi is the only male editor in the female dominated Khaleejesque workspace. Follow Adnan’s column to know more about his unique experience in this unusual territory.

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