Burj Al Arab Chinese New Year

Burj Al Arab will be celebrating the Chinese New Year with seven days of festivities that will start on 10 February 2013. The new year in the Chinese Calendar is "Year of the Snake," the sixth sign of the Chinese Zodiac. The snake is believed to represent wisdom, intelligence, agility, strength and self-control.

The celebration will kick off with an enormous red calligraphic artwork of a snake projected on the sail-shaped facade of the Burj Al Arab on the evening of February 10th.

The hotel will also host Chinese dignitaries who reside in Dubai, along with their families, to witness the lighting of the lion’s eyes, a cultural custom that sets off a series of traditional lion dances. Children can enjoy Chinese craft activities throughout the week.

When it comes to food and beverage, Chef Foong personally selected the delectable Chinese menu that will be served at Junsui, the hotel's Far East Asian restaurant. Traditional dishes include Fa Gao (Chinese-style cupcakes), Nian Gao (New Year cake), and the ever popular Dim Sum and Peking Duck. The setting will be complete with the accompaniment of Chinese zither music.

What spurred the increased interest in tending to Chinese tourists and businessmen and women is their growing visit rate to Burj Al Arab. According to Heinrich Morio, the hotel's General Manager, “Chinese visitors are among the top three fastest-growing guest segments for Burj Al Arab. Our experience in meeting the needs of these guests, as well as the insight of our Chinese colleagues, has enabled the hotel to create memorable offerings and celebratory moments for occasions such as Chinese New Year.”

The ease at which foreigners can acquire UAE visas has encouraged Chinese tourists, among other nationalities, to visit the country. In the past few years alone, Dubai itself has witnessed a record number of Chinese tourists and business travelers.

– Staff Writer

Image courtesy of Burj Al Arab

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