Julia Domna

Syria's acclaimed dance troupe, Inana, will perform their dance rendition of the tale of Syrian Empress Julia Domna on the stage of Bahrain’s Cultural Hall on the 28th of December, 2012.  The show is part of a series of events celebrating the month of Watan, within the Manama: Capital of Arab Culture program for 2012.

Julia Domna is the story of a powerful and progressive female leader that promises to inspire audiences. Reflecting on the beliefs and cultural traditions of the time, the show evokes the commonplace worship of the sun god and Julia Domna's first meeting with her future husband, the Roman Emperor Septimius Severus. Their love blossoms in Homs and they are married amongst widespread joy and festivities.  She accompanies her husband on successful military campaigns to safeguard the empire from invading armies before he is assassinated in an act of betrayal.  It is up to Julia to balance her loss with her responsibilities.

Presenting the potential and importance of women, Inana's performance of Julia Domna brings to life a historic tale that highlights the significance of women in societal development and growth in a spectacular visual and musical performance.

Inana has previously performed Julia Domna in Kuwait, Lebanon, Egypt, China, Turkey, and Moscow.

The show will be held on December 28, 2012 at 8 PM in Bahrain’s Cultural Hall in Manama. Admission is open to the public. 

For more information, visit www.manamaculture2012.bh

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