Discreetly located in the basement of one of Dubai's Palm Jumeirah luxury apartment towers is the delightful Sophie's. The café has an organic and cozy vibe, and surprisingly, despite no natural sunlight, the interior is brightly lit.

The whimsical décor is a visual delight with an interesting grass feature on one wall and forest themed wallpaper on the opposite. Rustic birch wood chairs and tables along with a communal bench are scattered around the space. The main centerpiece is a long table laden with freshly baked pastries, cakes and cookies.

Known for serving healthy delicious salads and other bistro style food, Sophie’s' latest venture is the breakfast menu served daily; an extensive list of the usual suspects including fresh fruit, eggs cooked in several different styles accompanied with side orders of hash browns, spinach and yogurt.

As we browse through the menu there are several items that stand out and of course we go ahead and order them. Our meal begins with Organic Bircher Muesli, homemade fresh oats and nuts mixed together with seasonal fruits that include kiwi, mango and different berries served in dollops of Greek yogurt.  Nutritious and filling, the recipe is a perfect balance of sweet and tangy with a little bit of crunch.

Next comes the Tofu Scramble, an unimaginable and unique concept; it definitely hits the spot. The texture of the tofu combined with the slightly soft eggs is a beautiful creamy combination. We gobble it down with the homemade toasted sunflower bread laden with a thick layer of butter.

The French Toast was the first to catch our eye and we couldn’t have been happier to see them land at our table. Freshly baked brioche is drenched in custard and cooked until it's both fluffy and soft and is served with grilled peaches, berry compote and organic maple syrup. A feast on its own, the vibrant, moreish dish is hands down our absolute favorite.

Sophie’s is a local homegrown concept, serving fresh food prepared through carefully created recipes.  In a city where people are becoming more conscious about healthy eating, Sophie’s breakfast is a welcome addition.

– Saira Malik

Sophie's is located at Riva Complex, Building 8, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai. Tel (+971) 04 430 9466

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