We were excited to visit the new restaurant Figs, especially since t it's one of celebrity chef Todd English's casual Boston bistros. It was really hyped up like all new restaurants are in Kuwait. Delicious appetizers, handmade pastas, pizzas and desserts were good enough reasons to try it out. 360 Mall is not known to have go-to restaurants with great food and seating. Unfortunately, that hasn't really changed with the introduction of new restaurants upstairs in the Sky Lounge area.

Our waiter didn't really know the concept of a tasting so that was something that worried us but eventually we explained who we were and why we were there and soon the food started coming. The food that came by was good although we would have changed many things, including the location! We came expecting a chic restaurant style venue rather than a food court restaurant which has three other restaurants too close to it.

Here are the dishes we were served. Some were fair, some were good and others were absolutely delicious!


Mixed Berry Mocktail: We thought this drink was "interesting". Our first time trying all the berries in one glass and we certainly liked it.

Strawberry & Basil Mojito: Love, love, love! Tangy, zesty and thirst quenching!

Apple Mocktail: Our favorite drink of the tasting. Apple juice never seemed interesting until now. It fits perfectly with all dishes!

Rhode Island Calamari; Sweet Potato


Onion Focaccia: We started with soft, appetizing pieces of bread with an olive dip, which was a good start, and we hoped it would increase throughout the tasting.

Bostin Bibb & Water Cress Salad: A delicious salad with toasted walnut dressing covered with blue cheese. One of the most delightful salads we've had.

Rhode Island Calamari: Our favorite appetizer of the day. Calamari has never tasted as good! Mixed with a tempting salad, this is certainly one to order again.

Avocado Caesar Salad: We didn't enjoy this salad as much as the one before. It was too creamy which ruined the rest of it but other than the cream, it was fair.

Sweet Potato: The chili flavor in this appetizer was rich and flavorsome. We would've ordered it over and over again if we didn't have pizzas and pastas on the way.

Bronx Bomber; Roasted Pulled Chicken


Roasted Pulled Chicken: A unique pizza topped with pesto sauce, mozzarella cheese and strips of chicken. Different yet divine.

Bronx Bomber: Pepperoni pizza at its best. Classic, satisfying and good enough to be a main course!

Spicy Shrimp Pizza: We were not fans of shrimp pizza. Maybe sea-food lovers would've enjoyed this pizza more but we're not saying it's not a dish worth ordering!

Marinated Tenderloin; Veal Milanese
Mushroom Anglotti; Rigatoni Bolognese

Main Dishes

Veal Milanese: A dry piece of veal unfortunately, but we still enjoyed the lean meat although it needed to be more tender.

Prawn Scampi: Creamy and tasty. This prawn scampi is certainly a top dish at Figs and if you love shrimp, you'll love this scampi.

Rigatoni Bolognese: We rated this dish as "good". It was a classic rigatoni meal. The parmesean cheese really played well but it was no good mixing the meat and cream together.

Mushroom Anglotti: A herb ricotta with wild mushrooms which was light, fresh and rich in flavor. Definitely a pasta to order if you ever visit Figs.

Beef Truffle Anglotti: Our pasta of the day. We all loved this pasta feast and was creamy and enticing. The herbs were perfect and the after taste was incredible.

Nutella Chocolate Tart; White Chocolate Bread Pudding


Nutella Chocolate Tart: We didn't think this was anything new or special. Althought it was really moist and sweet, the crust was burnt which ruined the dessert. The raspberry caviar was a nice touch which added to the heavenly mixture.

White Chocolate Bread Pudding: The caramel sauce was a good texture, the blueberry and raspberry gelato was great, although we expected more when we heard the name. The combination was wrong; we thought the gelato was fine alone as well as the pudding.

Homemade Oreos (on the side of an espresso): The biscuit was crunchy but burnt. The cream inside was pretty tasty but the texture was off.

– Adnan Al-Timimi

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