Fashion is a statement, and each designer strives to make a difference in the fashion industry working on satisfying the culture, and the diversity of tastes in their region. Lili.Aiya is one brand that has definitely succeeded in setting itself apart.

The Dubai-based brand launched in September 2012 and is one of the fashion lines that is focused on delivering simple and contemporary designs while making sure to serve women in both the Arab and Western region.

Whether you’re a covered Muslim woman, or a Western, both can enjoy wearing Lili.Aiya's shirts and dresses. We all know that the Arab region is known for its hot weather, and having to wear layers is a burden, this is why Lili.Aiya chose top quality cotton which is also light weight, and fashionable, to help put on a piece of clothing that is comfortable to wear. Also, for those women who are not covered, they will enjoy looking hip and comfortable wearing a piece that is light as a dress, or a shirt with leggings.

For more information about the Lili.Aiya, follow their Twitter account @LiliAiyaDesigns and Facebook page.

– Nehal KIH

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