Lashes and nails are big news in beauty. While innovations and creativity in nail art have defied imagination, false lashes were just all about bigger, thicker, longer, and later on were about color and sequin. Until now, that is.

Launched in London in 2009 by Chunwei Liao, PAPERSELF lashes are a cult beauty phenomenon that is about to take the mainstream beauty world by storm. Inspired by the art of Chinese paper-cutting, these intricately cut lashes blend traditional cultural craft with contemporary design, creating a distinctive beauty experience that is set to turn heads and turn beauty norms on their heads.

True to the Chinese ethos, each of the 11 designs symbolises a deeper meaning; the ‘Deer and the Butterfly’ depicts freedom, beauty and sensitivity, the ‘Scorpion’ depicts fatal attraction, ‘Horses’ are symbolic of success, ‘Peony’ depicts happiness and good fortune, while ‘Peach Blossom’ is a symbol of love and romance.

The lashes come in two sizes; regular, for a full eye, and small, for corner accents. If the full regular size is a step too far for you, you could always trim them to wear as smaller, individual pieces to accent the eye. For a dramatic evening look, go the whole way and wear the full lash for a look that’s sure to be the conversation point of the evening. For daytime looks, the smaller, individual lashes can be worn to accentuate the corner of the eye; they work beautifully whether you choose to wear them on the upper or lower lash line.

The packaging is very cute, all made of card and paper, which is what you would expect, (apart from the plastic seal which protects the lashes from damage). As you can imagine, they are rather fiddly to apply, so allow yourself ample time. As with all false lashes, after applying the eyelash glue, leave for about a minute to allow it to become a bit gluey so that the lashes can stick to the eye straight away.

As they are so very delicate, prepare yourself for only one use of the full lashes, possibly three to four uses of the smaller corner ones if you’re very careful when removing them. But when something is so pretty and so attention grabbing for all the right reasons, those little things just seem to melt away.

Paperself Lashes are available at Bloomingdales, Dubai, The Dubai Mall. They cost AED 99 for the regular size, and AED 89 for the smaller size.

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– Ambarina Hasan

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