The UAE’s prestigious luxury floral brand, Worood, has re-launched its bespoke Breast Cancer awareness campaign, ‘The Pink Rose’- which we covered last year here on Khaleejesque.  Wurood hopes to build on the success of its initiative over the years by distributing thousands of pink roses alongside inspirational messages of hope to breast cancer patients and survivors in the UAE.

"The Pink Rose" campaign encourages people to dedicate messages of support to those affected by breast cancer through its Facebook page and website. Registered messages are then written into elegant booklets and attached to pink roses, which are hand- delivered by Worood team members to those affected by breast cancer in the UAE.

“We initiated this campaign to ensure that patients themselves understand that they are not alone in their fight and that survivors are admired for their strength in overcoming breast cancer. Women are so important to us, and they should not be afraid or shy to openly discuss and research the issues surrounding breast cancer – it could truly save their lives one day,”said Maryam Al-Noori, Managing Director of Worood.

With an overwhelming yearly response from both online and offline communities, The Pink Rose campaign appears to be going from strength to strength offering inspiration and guidance by the offering of a simple pink rose with a message of hope.

For more information, visit their Facebook Page.

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