Synonymous with luxury and beauty, Swarovski, the world’s leading crystal design house, unveiled their most recent Fall/Winter 2012-2013 jewelry and accessories line titled ‘ Kingdom of Jewels.’

The entire range consists of strong statement pieces that are opulent and rich but with an edge.   The collection is made of chunky crystals mixed with delicate lace and heavy chains.

Taking inspiration from today’s multi-faceted woman who is confident, successful and fashion-forward, the cutting edge designs have a touch of vintage   with a twist of modern.

The deep colored crystals in rich hues of red, blue and green are all cut in triangle shapes to give them unity and depth.  The colors are an echo of the medieval past with underlying eastern influences.  The crystals are predominantly cut in a triangle shape giving them symmetry and tying the entire collection together.

One of the most outstanding pieces is ‘Singapore’, named directly after the Asian country of its inspiration.  Multipurpose, it can be worn as a necklace, scarf or belt.  The simple piece is made of an elegant gold strand of lace and chains with crystals dangling from the tassels at the end.

The infamous ‘Nirvana’ ring that is considered to be one of Swarovski’s most famous pieces has been reinvented as a gold bracelet with dark crystals making it more glamorous and eye-catching.

The ‘Style’ bangle set in pave crystals on a steel bracelet and a single rectangle stone makes it a statement piece. The lavish filigree flower design of the ‘Sissy’ pierced in a mix of gold and silver metals with a mix of multicolored mini crystals are perfect to compliment a simple outfit.

A definite showstopper is the Byzantine style ‘Supreme’ necklace, a large crystal pendant set off by smaller pave crystal and worn with a plain braided leather cord.

‘Kingdom of Jewels’ is a collection designed for a woman who is not afraid to take risks, someone who will push the boundaries and is willing to experiment with her style.  Swarovski has once again dazzled with their exceptionally cut crystals set in opulent and sophisticated designs.

– Saira Malik

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