Melissa Higgins, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Frontline Fashion

We love it when fashion goes philanthropic by giving back to society and doing good. Meet Melissa Higgins, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Frontline Fashion, who is implementing just that.

Melissa started Frontline Fashion after spending time volunteering in the disaster zone of Haiti after the January 2012 earthquake that shook the Caribbean nation. The earthquake that hit Haiti registered a 7.0 on the Richter scale, and is considered one of the worst natural disasters of all time; killing over 250,000 people in one minute and making over a million homeless

Melissa recalls the incident and describes the impact as a situation that "hit home" and one that made her determined to help anyway she could. Melissa recalls, "Within a space of a couple of months, I had given up my job, raised money and volunteered to go to Haiti for a month to help in the aftermath of the earthquake.  I did everything and anything that was required of me, including teaching English classes, repairing schools, shovelling rubble, assisting with medical treatment, and, most profoundly, giving lots of cuddles and love to those who had had their families taken away from them."

Melissa started Frontline Fashion after volunteering at Haiti after which she realized that people don’t need to shun the glamour and highlife of the style industry in order to make a difference to others; everybody can be style conscious with a social conscience!

Frontline Fashion’s core value is to help individuals be socially responsible while remaining stylish; this project is made truly unique by the fact that they are committed to donating Frontline Fashion’s profits towards their foundation projects, which include the construction of a dormitory and an orphanage in the earthquake-destroyed country of Haiti, and other dedicated humanitarian projects there.

Frontline Fashion has a Zanmi range (which means "Friends" in the Haitian language) , and which includes the latest "Humanity" line; which has been an absolute success and has raised thousands of Dirhams through online and in-person sales, which has gone to fund an orphanage that presently being built in Haiti.

According to Melissa, "Knowing that every little bit done each and every day is helping to make a difference! Our philosophy of 'Humanity is Always in Style' resonates throughout everything we do."

Melissa Higgins in a "Humanity is Always in Style" T-Shirt

To find out more about Frontline Fashion’s quest to marry style and philanthropy together, please go to – where you can find details of current activities, beauty, fashion and style tips and trends, and, of course, the stunning ‘Humanity’ clothing range, the profits from which will help to complete the construction of an much-needed orphanage in Haiti. You can also follow them on Twitter @Frontline_F, and keep you up-to-date.

So there’s no excuse – ‘looking the part is only the beginning!’

The Zanmi line by Frontline Fashion is available at and

– Staff Writer

Fashion designer Henry Holland supporting "Humanity is Always in Style"
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