Specialized in designing and producing acrylic furniture and accessories, Acrilico Fabbrica creates custom-made items based on the requirements of each customer. Shoppers can choose pieces from the various product images in the photo gallery on the website. On the other hand, clients can also design their own products by uploading an image of their desired piece of furniture or accessory onto Acrilico Fabbrica's website and the store will create a custom-made piece.

Fajer Al-Farsi interviewed Munira Al Awadhi, the person behind this concept, for a quick Q&A about the brand and how it started out.

Who are the people behind Acrilico Fabbrica?

Acrilico Fabbrica has been a dream of mine that turned into reality. This was achieved by the team that started and are running the company with me including my husband Talal Bou-Sheetan (Operations and Marketing), Mr. Yusuf Zakir (Production) and myself as the designer.

Tell us more about yourself…

Interior designing was always a hobby of mine. I was always the one my extended family asked for help when refurbishing their home interiors.

When was the store established?

It was established August 2011.

What inspires your designs?

Nature and the search for peace drives my imagination in every project.

How do you differentiate your furniture from other brands?

The use of acrylic material as a main part of any item of furniture mixed with other metals or wood. The main strategy of our company is to customize the items as per the customer's requirements and needs.

What did your first collection include?

A variety of furniture items and accessories including chairs, dining tables, side tables, benches, low sofas, trolleys, wall clocks, office desks and office accessories.

How do you wish to expand in the future?

I am targeting the Gulf region starting with Saudi Arabia as a first step. Thereafter I am planning to start another operation somewhere in Europe.

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