Who doesn't love delicious, hot popcorn while watching a movie or when you're at the office and have a sudden crave? Just say "pop" and you will witness the most extraordinary gadget since the PC.

Don't believe us? Keep reading.

Now you won't have to get your fingers dirty while enjoy popcorn. Popcorn, Indiana which is really based in New Jersey, is the company behind this fantastic invention. With a variety of products including popcorn, kettle corn and popcorn chips, Popcorn, Indiana is dedicated to providing more healthier popcorn and enjoying it with The Popinator.

How does it work? Designed with binaural microphones, all you have to do is just say "pop" and a kernel will be launched to a maximum distance of 15 feet towards the voice heard. The device tracks your location, rises a catapult and accurately aims direct you.

A video below shows you more on the concept and reason as to why you should buy The Popinator.

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