Razan Alazzouni. Photography by Shereena Lootah

You have probably heard of Razan Alazzouni if you're interested in the fashion world (if you haven't then you should check out the interview we had with her here). Alazzouni is one of the rising designers in the Middle East and is always surprising the public with her effortlessly elegant creations. Using soft silhouettes, luxurious fabrics and intricate details, Alazzouni cements herself as a designer with a clear and ambitious vision.

Khaleejesque had the chance to go behind the scenes of Razan Alazzouni's Summer 2013 collection photo shoot in Dubai to see Alazzouni and the crew in action. Check out the final result of the photo shoot and the beautiful collection in the images below!

Razan Alazzouni behind the scenes at the photo shoot. Photography by Shereena Lootah
Final touches before the shot. Photography by Shereena Lootah

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