“X marks the spot” is an ongoing series by Hungarian artist Csilla Klenyanszki. The quirky series is about looking for hidden possibilities related to form and function and the game between the reality and the artist's fantasy. Csilla talks about the inpisration behind the series:

"My inspiration is my house and my environment (it’s a kind of a kitchen chemistry), that becomes a playground. I like to work with common objects and discover their possibilities, give a new function for them.

I try to play with the borders of the nonsense; something that looks foolish at the first place can always find its right place at the end. But like in every game and story it is impossible to tell what will happen and how the end is going to be. The whole project can become a tea party or a toy story. It doesn’t really matter how we call it, because eventually it is just a game, which is about the fact that you can enter to an other world."

The images are quite mundane at first but later pull you in the longer you look at them. There is a certain understated charm  to the photographs and each one is visually powerful when viewed by its own. As this is an ongoing series, we look forward to seeing what Csilla comes up with next!

To know more about Csilla Klenyanszki and view more of her work, visit www.klenyanszki.com

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