21 Carrots, a sumptious Kuwaiti catering company that was founded in 2010, has made its mark locally through its delicious and aesthetically pleasing offerings.

The store itself is a sight for sore eyes, it's unlike any other caterer's main office. One gets the feeling that they are stepping into a luxurious boutique rather than a caterering shop.

Located in Al-Hamra Mall in the heart of Kuwait City, the store just got bedecked with a new theme: "Coco-Choco" – When Chocolate Meets Chanel.

"Step into the world of "Coco Choco" where Coco's little black dress, quilted handbags,layered pearls, and the magical scent of Chanel5 meets delicious chocolate, luxurious cakes, delightful cookies, and fashionable macaroons in an elegant French couture manner."

At 21 Carrots, it's more about the overall culinary experience, or rather it's artistically designed theme, rather than simply the taste of food. At the time of the boutique's opening, the store was decorated in a style that reflects freshness. Short green grass and gorgeous white orchids, along with their signature glass jars, decorated the banquet tables and the window displays.

Visit 21 Carrots to experience their newest transformation into an exquisite 1950s French store. See more photos below:


For more information, visit their website.

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