Known for its combination of vintage motifs and modern forms of jewelry, New York based brand, Miriam Salat’s impeccable jewelry makes its way into the Middle Eastern market. Recently, having launched her collection at Saks Fifth Avenue, Miriam Salat’s wide range of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings gives expression to the sensibilities of women who, like herself, embrace life to the fullest.

The Miriam Salat woman can be described as the new gypset (gypsy + jetsetter). Adventurous and free spirited, she is a bonne-vivante who travels off the beaten path. She is drawn to the richness of life and its many hues. Color is especially important to her, as it reflects so many aspects of her personality. Whether shopping in a Moroccan souk or exploring the ancient temples of Bhutan, she is always distinctive, always put together, and never loses her impeccable taste.

Miriam Salat began her career designing airports and highways as a New York City civil engineer. Eager to push beyondstraight lines and right angles, she turned her attentions to her passion, jewelry design. In 1993, only three months after designing her first collection, Miriam sold her line of handcrafted fashion jewelry to Barneys.

From coral colored rings to rich blue turquoise twig earrings, Miriam Salat’s collection has always been driven by color. Miriam’s distinct style shines through her various collections that she has created along the way. From collection names like Starry Nights to Chalcedony Apricot, each piece speaks for itself.

For more information about the Miriam Salat Jewelry line, check out their website.

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