Sisters Beauty Lounge, known for bringing innovative and new beauty products and treatments to the UAE recently launched the Keraskin range of products and facials.

One of the leading beauty brands in the world, L'Oreal Advanced Research, created Keraskin Esthetics, a skincare line designed for and by professional beauty therapists. The line, created after advanced research and deliberation of skin therapists, is based upon 6 basic principles: Hi-tech, Respect, Perfectionism, Listening to the Skin, French Savoir-Faire and Made-to-Measure.

Keraskin has developed a long range of products including serums, creams, masks and exfoliators using natural ingredients known for enhancing and protecting the skin.

The Keraskin facial begins with a ‘Conversation about the Skin’ in order to familiarize the esthetician with the customer’s skin history, products and problem areas.  The therapist then carries out ‘Tactile and Visual Evaluation’ to check the pores, sebum and texture of the face.  Once the analysis is completed the esthetician can offer the customer advice on the treatment needed and the reasons for recommending it.

One of the treatment rooms at Sisters Beauty Lounge

The signature treatments consist of the technician using their hands to constantly massage the skin while applying the different products.  Depending on the type of facial each of the treatment lasts up to an hour and consists of cleaning, toning, application of serums and a mask.

Keraskin has been designed to enhance the complexion, fight wrinkles and calm down acne.  After the treatment, there is a significant difference in the skin, which is left looking supple and radiant.

You can enjoy Keraskin treatments at Sisters Beauty Lounge in UAE. Sessions start at Dhs 400 and go up to Dhs 2000. To book an appointment call (+971) 4 3398500

– Saira Malik

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