Sheida Ibrahim

Almost everybody enjoys some time of comic relief, and what better way than to experience it live in your own city. Emirati Sheida Ibrahim, a graduate of Dubomedy (a well known Arts School in the UAE that runs comedy courses), came up with the idea of bringing a bit of comedy to her hometown through Comedy Dubai.

GET UP STAND UP is the name of the comedy show that Sheida created in April 2012 along with two other comedians, British Robert Hillier and South African Feyaza Khan. They hope to take comedy to another level by creating their own group and being available for events either individually or as a group. What sets them apart as an ensemble is that they’re the only group that runs free comedy events around Dubai with diverse material that audiences from different nationalities and backgrounds can relate to.

They don’t have a temporary location as they go to different neighborhoods every week to introduce themselves to a new audiences. Various successful gigs have been organized so far at different locations and after performing in Dubai for shows with sellout audiences, their goal for the upcoming years is to cover other Emirates as well as countries in the Middle East. One of Comedy Dubai’s most recent events was performing at Pavilion Dubai to a packed crowd. Starting from September, the group will offer a chance for wannabe stand up comedians, whoever gets a good reaction from the crowd will get to be put into the regular line-up at The Pavilion, Downtown.

For more information on Comedy Dubai, Email, visit or contact them via Twitter @ComedyDubai

– Fajer Al-Farsi

Image courtesy of Comedy Dubai

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