Spa aficionados might already be familiar with La Sultane de Saba and the delectable treatments and products in the range used to create the perfect self-indulgences. Recreating the ultimate spa treatment at home can sometimes be more difficult than you’d imagine. So it’s great to know that La Sultane de Saba’s new Gold Spa Ceremony has recently launched 23-Carat Gold Facial and Body creams, along with a complete skin care range to allow you to immerse yourself in the gold experience from head to toe.

For many centuries, women have cherished and harnessed the virtues of precious gold minerals to enhance their complexion, to imbue their skin with a youthful and natural radiance. Legend has it that Cleopatra applied a gold mask before sleeping to ensure her skin looked beautiful every day. Gold is also used in many specialized healing ointments. The new products from La Sultane de Saba use the latest high-tech science and marry it with the benefits of the precious metal to offer the best of both worlds.

The divine Gold Anti-Ageing Scrub combines 23-carat gold, micronized pearls and corundum extract (which is similar to diamonds, giving a micro-peel effect) to create a gentle, yet highly effective exfoliant for a clean and healthy complexion.

The two stars of the range are the Gold Anti-Ageing Mask and the Serum Elixir. The Mask literally "accelerates cellular renewal" as the mother of pearl extract contains proteins which restore radiance and luminosity, while the pearl extract provides a lifting effect. The gold particles do their part working as anti-ageing agents. The Elixir is a sumptuous serum containing precious ingredients with regenerating properties. It contains caviar extracts, rich in vitamins, argan oil and 23-carat gold particles with their renowned anti-ageing properties. The light silky texture is quickly and easily absorbed to restore a youthful radiant complexion.

The ritual is completed by the Gold Anti-Ageing Cream that contains many of the ingredients in the other products, such as the 23-carat gold, caviar extract and mother of pearl. In addition, this silky cream also contains hyaluronic acid to help combat wrinkles and really plump the skin for a healthy, youthful face. Perfect when used over the Elixir and great as a base under your makeup.

La Sultane de Saba has a longstanding Eastern heritage. The company, a French brand, is family-owned, boasting its roots in Morocco. Beauty secrets have been passed down from mother to daughter, resulting in authentic and effective skin solutions, now married with high-tech science that deliver to the most exacting of expectations.

Take your skin care regime to the gold standard and see the difference this precious metal can make to your beauty.

Prices start from $55, from

– Ambarina Hasan

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